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Your phone is ringing off the hook! The Title Company is requesting documents while you’re trying to show houses or line up new clients. You want to give feedback to your client and keep that post-closing relationship going. And you need to keep prospecting for clients one and two months now! One person can’t possible do all that at the same time and do it effectively or efficiently. At Kloud Agent LLC, we use real-live people with real estate backgrounds and advanced technology to offer a variety of transaction coordination packages that are flexible and affordable, ranging from the agent’s initial contact with their client to post-closing. You pick the packages that suit your needs the best!

Keep Track of Your Paperwork Easier!

We take care of the paperwork but you still are in the know by keeping up with us step by step!

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With our solutions we can stay in contact with YOUR client and make sure our professionals are correct with all the forms and contracts!

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With our solutions, YOU can do more for YOUR clients!

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With our 35+ years of experience in real estate and over 1000 customers and agents served we know what we are doing for you!

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Our Solutions

Listing Management Solutions

Starting at $75.00

We understand that establishing the agent-client relationship is paramount to a smooth transaction, a happy client, and future referrals! But all the work required behind the scenes can quickly consume all your time. To support the busy real estate agent, we offer a variety of listing management packages that range from listing presentation assistance, to getting the listing live and maintaining the listing through closing. We can even take your client all the way to closing and beyond with our Contract Management Solutions.

Buyer’s Representation Solutions

Starting at $50.00

A buyer wants to go see houses now! But you need to make sure you’ve established that agent-client relationship. And once they find that perfect home, they want to put an offer in without delay! Our buyer’s representation solutions will help you with all of this and more by ensuring you have a signed buyer’s representation agreement and all supporting documents. Once that perfect home has been located, Kloud Agent can provide CMAs to help with offer strategies, and complete the purchase contract under our Contract Management Solutions.

Contract Management Solutions

Starting at $50.00

After a contract has been executed, there is nothing more important than keeping up with deadlines and document requirements. And just like our listing management solutions, we offer a variety of packages to match your style and pocketbook. Our experienced experts can do everything from reviewing documents for compliance, alerting you to deadlines, negotiating for repairs, and even writing contracts, amendments and addendums. Any transaction that you used our Listing Management or Buyer’s Representation Services will automatically receive a discount on our Contract Management Services.

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